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SCHENGEN REQUIREMENT This policy meets and exceeds all the European Schengen and visa requirements.

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Insurance Relied on by Millions of People in More than 170 Countries for Longer than 25 Years

As Broad As You Want

If you want the broadest range of cover you can select a low excess level and a high cover limit and buy as big a range of financial protection as you want.

As Cheap As You Need

If you need affordable cover for a backpacking ramble around the world or student travel you might want to push the excess up and keep the cover level modest and enjoy low cost cover to meet visa requirements.

Age is No Barrier

Cover can commence for a newborn child and the maximum age for application is 100. Even above that, you can call us.

Why You Need Travel Insurance

Even when you are young and fit an unfortunate medical emergency can strike. You may need to pay for local care or get help to bring you back home. Some countries require you to hold medical coverage as a part of meeting visa conditions. Even a modest medical emergency can have a big financial effect if you miss a flight and connections. Buy cover to allow a little extra peace of mind.

Other Travel and Medical Products

There is a broad range of travel insurance products available. If you have a special situation you want to ask us about we want to see if we can help you. Please complete the following form.

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